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Capture more marbles than your opponent!

The Mancala board has six small pits along the top and bottom of the board. The pits along the top belong to player one and the bottom pits belong to player two. On both sides of the board, there is a big pit, called a store. The one on the left belongs to player one and the one on the right belongs to player two.

At the beginning of the game, choose how many marbles are placed in each of the 12 smaller pits: 3, 4, 5, or 6.

The game begins when Player One selects a pit on the top of the board. All of the marbles in that pit are redistributed, one-by-one, in a counter-clockwise pattern, in each subsequent pit, until the marbles run out. When the marbles are redistributed, if they make it to your store, a marble will be added there, too, but if they make it to your opponent’s store, no marble will be added.

If the last marble distributed in your turn lands in your own store, you get an extra turn.

If the last marble distributed in your turn lands in an empty pit on your side, that marble and any marbles in the pit directly opposite go directly to your store.

The game ends when someone runs out of marbles in the pits on their side. All of the other player’s remaining marbles move to his store. The winner is the player with the most marbles in their store.

Game Layout

Player1 Turn Arrow Player2 Turn Arrow

pit_0 pit_1 pit_2 pit_3 pit_4 pit_5 pit_7 pit_8 pit_9 pit_10 pit_11 pit_12